Below are some Tychos demonstration scenarios. These have been designed to illustrate how to use Tychos to create various simulations, and demonstrates how certain Tychos tools can be utilized.

This page is out of date and does not accurately represent the current user interface nor recent changes that we have made to the Tychos language. We are in the process of updating all of our documentation. Thank you for your patience!


Animation Basics


  • Graph

  • Meter

  • Gauge

  • Slider

  • Toggle (Coming Soon!)

  • Input (Coming Soon!)

  • Menu (Coming Soon!)


  • Matrices (Coming Soon!)

  • Conditional (Coming Soon!)

  • Arrays (Coming Soon!)

  • Custom Functions (Coming Soon!)

Mouse and Keyboard Interactivity

Physics Demonstrations


Fun Stuff/Games

  • Pong (Coming Soon!)

  • Color Picker (Coming Soon!)