Tychos Documentation and Reference

How To Get Started

Tychos is a tool for teaching and learning about computational modeling of physical phenomenon. It has been designed to be easy to use and contains many features that make it ideal for helping teachers incorporate computational thinking into the science classroom.

Video Guides

If you are new to computational modeling, we suggest taking a look out our video tutorials first as a way to get oriented with Tychos.


Once you have watched these videos, please take a look at our demonstrations.

Learn The Tychos Language

The Language Reference is a good place to go to get more information about the coding interface, syntax and built in objects that you can use in Tychos.

Example Lessons

If you are a teacher and you want to begin using Tychos in your classroom, we have created a series of example lessons that begin with an introduction to Tychos and computational modeling. These lessons provide you with a scope and sequence for taking students from basic coding all the way through teaching them how to model complex behavior like orbiting planets and oscillations!
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